Beyond the benefits of cellular phones


Communication is very important for it builds links between people. For those who are separated by distance, communication is a very good medium to cross the boarders. We are all aware how much cellular phones help the transition of this modern life. There are obvious benefits. But, have you ever come across with the idea that there is other effect that is more in-depth?


Cellular phones are great help to a locality and even to a whole country. Yes, they are. How is it possible?  The following are points that could tell us how cellular phones could shape a bigger community.


With the community people, they could benefit from cellular phones through:


  • Entrepreneurs who make money by selling phone services to villages on a per use category.
  • Sellers of prepaid phone cards or in some part of the world the so-called electronic load including poor urban youths and small business owners.
  • Users of phones who gain business and employment opportunities mentioned above. Not to forget that this also helps their families in generating income.

For a country, did you know that cellular phones could be of help? There is a study which shows that there is a per capita growth. Countries belonging to those that are developing, having an average of 10 mobile phones or more could have that 0.59 percent between the increases in the GDP. Mobiles save people living in rural communities the financial costs and time involved with travel. This one results to a lot of benefits for the individual economy improvement of people and the whole country as well.

Through cellular phones, lines of communication are easier to be access and you could let this importance of cellular phone.


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