10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Apps Over Websites


Since the mobile era began, the number of mobile users has surpassed the number of desktop users. Thus, businesses have realized the need to use mobile channels to attract customers. They need to optimize apps and websites to help improve their customer’s experience as well as increase their conversions.Shop your next Gadget at

While some businesses can afford to have both, others can only choose one. Whether it’s a mobile app or website, the choice depends on their usability, required features, cost, and the audience they serve. And according to studies, more users prefer mobile apps than mobile websites, which gives businesses more reason to create the former for reaching out to potential and existing customers. Here are some of the few factors why a lot of users prefer mobile apps compared to mobile websites:

Offers Better Personalization                    

Mobile apps’ users allow them to set their preferences at launch, based on which users can be customized content. Apps can also track and monitor user engagement and use it to offer users customized recommendations and updates. They can also identify users’ location in real-time to offer geographically specific content.

Ease of Sending Notifications

The ability to send non-intrusive notifications to users instantly is so coveted that it’s one of the main reasons many businesses want a mobile app in the first place.

Making Use of Mobile Device Features

Mobile apps have the advantage of using mobile device features such as a camera, contact list, phone calls, GPS, compass, accelerometer, and so on. When used within an app, these device features can make the user experience interactive and fun, as well as reduce the effort that users would otherwise have to put in.Shop your next Gadget at

Ability to Work Offline

Although mobile apps also require an Internet connection to perform most of their tasks, users can still enjoy the basic content and functions in offline mode.

Works Faster Than Websites

A well-designed mobile app can perform much better and faster than a mobile website. Mobile apps usually store their data locally on mobile devices, unlike websites, which usually use web servers. For this reason, data retrieval in mobile apps is very fast.

Freedom in Designing

Mobile websites, despite all the technological advances in web design, rely on browsers to perform best, even the most basic functions. Mobile apps, on the other hand, have none of these limitations. These come in various advanced features like “tap,” “pinch,” “swipe,” “drag,” “hold,” and more.

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